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WordPress Services

Create attention-grabbing, industry-standard websites with WordPress. Whether
working from scratch or just updating your theme, our team has the experience and
technical expertise to help make it happen.
We recently created a site from the ground up to act as the primary “front door” for
clients, includes media and promotional videos. Using the latest WP features, plugins,
and content management goodies – we helped the company to showcase and highlight
their expertise, building customer trust while increasing exposure.
Some amazing text to highlight and showcase our own mastery and expertise at
scintillatingly incredible feats of technical prowess to impress and inspire!


Our experience building Drupal sites for a diverse spectrum of government and corporate clients has allowed us a wide-ranging skillset when it comes to translating real world needs to digital representation, while also keeping us on the cutting edge of CMS technologies and web best practices.
If you have content management needs in Drupal, with its constantly evolving constellation of associated modules, custom solutions – migrations, external API integrations, we have you covered. We have an extensive knowledge base and know-how for navigating and configuring efficient solutions from the vast library of contributed modules, and technical expertise for crafting custom modules and solutions when they don’t exist yet.
Express your Data with core and SOLR-powered searches, facets and views-generated reports. Let our media design experts show you how to easily, securely upload and reuse media across a Drupal site – styled images, responsive, new speedy WebP format conversion. Let us show you what custom subthemes based on Olivero and Claro, Drupal’s new core front and backend themes can do for you.

Branding & Graphics

Whether you’re a new business or organization or undergoing an update and redesign our graphics experts can handle your design needs. Responsive and optimized for the fastest page loading speeds, your brand has never been better than in our expert’s hands.
Creating, editing, converting – logos, favicons, and any and all design elements your organization requires.
Let us update your logo to a universally scalable, animatable SVG that is clean and
beautiful at only a fraction of the original’s size for fast loading.
Or let us implement an attractive, recognizable color palette and micro-design elements
across your site to make your products or mission as recognizable as they are

CMS Pro - Our Flagship Solution

Product Overview

Ever wondered how your communication gets lost in a maze of bureaucratic bewilderment and imagined a better way to do it? Managers have to spend an enormous amount of energy in meticulously planning, organizing, and monitoring tasks to achieve this goal. The tasks which require delegation, execution, and authorization to see to it that they reach their formal conclusion.

At StarVista Tech, we have built a solution that helps you keep track, maintain, monitor, and report such communication with advanced search capabilities at your fingertips. Be it missing schedules or contextual help for your customer, we have covered them all in our solution. To achieve this, we have integrated multiple technologies such as Process automation, CRM, and BI Reporting inside one solution called CRM Pro to provide you seamless control of your communications, both internal and external.

StarVista Data Extractor

Are you tired of manually extracting data from PDF forms? Look no further than StarVista Data Extractor, the powerful software that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.  Starvista Data extractor is a software tool that can extract data from PDF forms and store it in a database or other format. It can be used to quickly and easily gather data from documents that were created in Adobe Acrobat or in Adobe AEM Forms. It can be used to populate databases, spreadsheets, and other applications.

StarVista Online OCR

For Scanned Letters and General Purpose OCR

The StarVista Online OCR tool is for converting scanned PDF files that have not been OCR’ed to make them Section 508 Compliant PDFs.